Trout Angling 101

If you love trout fishing and want to bridge the gap between where your trout angling skills and knowledge are right now and where you want them to be, this is the clinic for you! In it, we will cover advanced casting techniques; reading water; streamer, nymph, wetfly, and dryfly techniques; the importance of stealth; insects and other forage and just about anything else pertaining to successful trout fishing. This may be our most comprehensive course, so bring your notebook.

Southern Ontario offers a diverse, blue ribbon trout fishery that lasts through eight months of the year. Many anglers only sample the first six weeks and don’t take advantage of the opportunities available throughout the season. This course will cover the range from early season angling to the late autumn fishery with particular attention to:

  • Water temperature and how it affects insects and other forage.
  • Water temperature relating to trout.
  • Insects and their behavior relating to fly selection.
  • Streamer, nymph and dry fly tactics.
  • Advanced casts and terminal set ups.
  • The rods and reels required to perform and enhance your overall experience.
  • Plus much more.

To be consistently successful at the trout game, adaptation is the key. This course will give you a broad range of techniques to suit any situation.

To register for this course, please contact us for more information.

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