Advanced Fly Casting and Line Mending

Fundamental casting is the foundation for successful fly fishing, but in order to be consistently successful, one must learn to deal with all contingencies. This course focuses on advanced casts that will better serve you in tough situations. Tailored for individuals with at least an intermediate skill level (you should be able to perform a single haul) this course will augment your current casting arsenal with an array of situational casts. Consider it an upgrade to get you closer to where you want to be as an angler.

Your instructor will illustrate what types of situations and conditions warrant these advanced strategies, show you exercises to practice and hone your skills with and teach you the following casts and techniques:

  • Single and double hauling.
  • Reach, Tuck, Stack and curve casts.
  • Distance casting.
  • Casts that will allow you to deal with heavy wind.
  • Proper shooting head techniques.
  • Casting sinking tips and indicator rigs.
  • Advanced roll casting including spey casts.
  • Other tricks we’ve picked up over the years to further your success.

This clinic should be considered prior to taking the Fall Steelhead course as much of the material covered in this course will tie in closely. In addition, these casts and mends will greatly increase your ability to present a fly, no matter the fish or conditions, and in the end, make you a more successful angler.

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