Spey Casting Course

Spey casting and two-handed rods have been gaining populatity in the Great lakes for about 20 years now and Grindstone has reacted to the trend by introducing private instruction in spey casting to our curriculum. On the larger systems, one gains a great advantage with the ability to cover more water effectively with longer rods. Along with that, spey casting will broaden your range with single-handed rods, giving you an advantage in tight situations, heavy wind or when casting heavy tips and indicator rigs.

Individual or group lessons are available for all skill levels with the emphasis being on practical fishing and not just the cast. In other words, along with showing you the fundementals of the casts, we will also tie that in with how to effectively present your fly in various fishing situations.

More than any other style of fly casting, spey casting requires precise rod and line balance for optimal performance. As a part of our program, we will allow you to use several different set ups to determine which one best suits you so that you don’t run the risk of purchasing the wrong set up.

Spey casting and angling with long rods is elegant and effective. Many angling experts believe that working with longer rods and spey casting completes the evolution of fresh water fly fishing.

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