Intermediate Fly Casting

Indoor Fly CastingThese courses are for anyone who has completed the introductory class and wants to further improve their skills, or for experienced fly anglers who want to tweak their casting. This course focuses on the individual and improving your personal skill levels. The instructors will analyze your cast and work with you individually to strengthen weaker areas. These classes are scheduled on Saturdays and will be available until September.

In this class, the instructor will first evaluate and analyze each participant’s casting skills and discuss the results individually with students. From there, each student will be assigned a series of exercises and casting drills designed to improve their casting skills. At the end of this class, you should be able to perform a water haul, a single haul and a series of in-air mends as well increase your casting distance by 25%.

Casting classes are 4hrs in length maximum # of students is 6 per class

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