Fly Fishing Travel with John Valk

As part of our newly expanded Adventure Travel Service, we organize hosted group trips to various destinations throughout Canada. Over the last 20 years, we have traveled extensively and visited many of the great rivers available to Canadian anglers.

John Valk showing off a beautiful Quebec Atlantic salmonIn recent years, we have visited Southern British Columbia and Western Alberta, South Vancouver Island and South Central Vancouver Island. If none of these hosted trips suits your schedule, we can book your adventure for you with one of our partners. We will find a suitable outfitter and location that we have personally experienced, and eliminate all the guesswork.

Coming soon… we will be offering excursions and booking trips to various destinations in Canada and Alaska. In addition, we will be setting up guided trips for the Florida sandflats, where you can fish for the mighty tarpon.

Each excursion package includes all airfares, lodging, meals and gratuities, eliminating all the fuss of organizing and booking independent operators. With this kind of personalized service, it is no wonder we have so many returning travelers. We hope to make you one of these travelers soon.

Why book a hosted trip with Grindstone? It’s a good question. When we host a trip, we take care of the planning and make sure your trip is a memorable adventure with all details running smoothly. Upon booking space at one of our lodges, you’ll get up-to-the-minute reliable information from staff members who have personally visited these facilities as well as professionally detailed trip planning. We even go as far as tying fly boxes with local patterns that will be made available to the group prior to our departure. Of course, John will be along for the trip to personally oversee your adventure.

What if I don’t have a special group or buddy to travel with? No problem. Most trips are a mix of individuals, often with people striking up new friendships that last a lifetime.

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