Fly Fishing School

Grindstone Angling has been conducting schools and clinics since 1993 and we continue to improve on our programs. Whether you are completely new to the game or have been at it for years, there will be a program for you. Our couses run all year (with December to April indoors) and cover the the range from introduction to two handed casting.

Introduction to Fly Fishing

Classes are held on Saturdays beginning in May. You will be introduced to the rod, reel, backing, line and leader, learn how they all go together (including the knots) and the importance of each segment. The group will also discuss how a fly rod works and the importance of a balanced system. We will touch briefly on the different types of fly lines and then go to a local park and stream to learn the skills of casting a fly rod, how to read the water, and try some presentation casting for fishing purposes. After completion of the course, you will have a good basic understanding of your equipment. You will be able to get out and fish some rivers and streams and will be fully prepared to advance to the next level of learning.

Intermediate Fly Casting

This is a more advanced course for those who are having difficulties in some areas of fly casting. These courses are for anyone who has completed the introductory class and wants to further improve their skills, or for experienced fly fishers who want to tweak their casting. It is very focused on the individual and your personal levels of skill. The instructors will analyze your cast and work with each individual to strengthen weaker areas. These classes will be scheduled on Saturdays and will be available until September.

Advanced Casting

Fundamental casting is the foundation for successful angling. This course will take you through advanced casts that will better serve you in tough situations.

Spey Casting

Spey casting and two handed rods have been gaining populatity in the Great lakes for about 20 years now and Grindstone has reacted to the trend by introducing private instruction of spey casting to our curriculum. On the larger systems, one gains a great advantage with the ability to cover more water effectivly with longer rods. Along with that, spey casting will broaden your range with a single handed rod aswell.

Specialized Clinics

Casting only gets you so far and beyond our casting schools is the meat, or nitty gritty of fly fishing. Throughout the year, Grindstone holds specialized clinics, focusing on specific species and situations.

Fly Tying

Discover the art of fly tying with our expertly designed classes. Whether you’re new to fly tying or looking to refine your skills, our programs offer hands-on instruction for all levels. Learn to create lifelike flies that mimic Ontario’s natural insects.

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