Spey Casting Course

This course will focus on getting started for southern Ontario’s first season. We’ll cover what to look for in timing your trip, the set ups and presentation, clothing and equipment, and most importantly, the differences between spring and autumn steelhead. This one day course will put you closer to success and give you an understanding as to why serious anglers brave the worst weather of the year to match wits with the king.

The differences between spring and autumn steelhead in the Great Lakes are vast and understanding those differences is paramount to one’s success. To fully grasp these differences, we will break down everything from the timing and techniques to the phases or stages within the run including changes in behavior from the commencement of the run through pre- and post-spawn.

We’ll cover the changes in behavior leading up to the spawn with particular attention to:

  • The changes in tactics related to water temperature and proximity to the spawn.
  • Recognizing and protecting redding fish in terms of both angling and wading.
  • Recognizing and reacting to post-spawn fish with an emphasis on fly selection and how water temperature impacts the duration.

To many anglers, steelhead fishing is enigmatic and may often seem out of reach. But the truth is spring steelhead are not difficult to consistently catch if you follow a few guidelines. This course will fully prepare you for some of the most exciting fishing of the spring.

To be consistently successful at the trout game, adaptation is the key. This course will give you a broad range of techniques to suit any situation.

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