Fall Steelhead Clinic

For many, September 30th marks the end of fly fishing in southern Ontario. The general trout season comes to an end with blue winged olives mocking us as we leave our favorite beat and make that last walk from the river. But for others, September is a pre-season warm up for the real deal – fall steelhead!

The differences between spring and fall steelhead are enough to warrant a dedicated clinic. In this course, we will cover everything from the science and timing to the advanced techniques required to be successful.

We will pay particular attention to:

  • Timing the run and the signs to look for as well as timing the runs-within-the-run.
  • Movement and migration and how holding water differs from that in the spring.
  • Common and advanced presentation.
  • Equipment – rods, reels, lines, terminal tackle and flies.
  • Advanced casting techniques including two handed rods.
  • Recognizing how water temperature affects behavior and how to respond to it.
  • Safe wading and the clothing required to stay comfortable.

If you lament the end of September, this course will help you extend your fishing for as long as you can bear the weather.

As a prelude to the Fall Steelhead course, consider our advanced casting course.

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