Indoor Fly Casting

Indoor Fly Casting

The fly casting program for this season will begin on Wednesday February 27th and will continue on every Wed. and Fri morning until April. All classes start at 9:30 a.m. to Noon. This year’s program is altered slightly. Instead of having separate classes for different casting levels, each session will be designed to work with the individual and work from the skill levels that already exist. An example would be, working to “improve distance and accuracy”. I will work with those who are ready to extend your cast and apply rod control for accurate casting with an understanding of how we will achieve the results. Or ‘the proper loading of the flyrod” to have controlled accuracy while achieving a better presentation cast. The next Class will be Friday Mar. 1st*

*The number of castors per class is very limited, if you would like to sign up for 1 or more classes please contact the shop so we can set up the schedule and for cost information.*


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